Writing a technical blog? Well, that’s really an impressive past time if you are writing in your leisure time. Hobby! Right?

Have you thought of how useful it can be for building a great reputation in your tech domain? Apart from being a hobby, some impressive technical write-ups can make you a master or an influencer whose words possesses a damn solid authority.

Sounds exciting! Well, definitely it is. However, it is not that easy as it looks. Being a serious technical writer is somewhat different from being a technical professional at all. There you put your technical skills to solve the problems and implement new things.

On the other hand, while writing, you have double responsibilities. You have to first know your audience, then their problems, then their solutions, then write those solutions in easily understandable language, and after that, all those SEO stuffs to make sure your solution reaches to the maximum. It’s certainly something that any reader would want from a technical blogger.

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So, if you are thinking about starting a technical blog and producing some valuable contents for your readers, read till the end. In this post, I have explained how you can write an impressive technical blog that would get a traction from the very beginning itself plus some additional stuff to know.

Proceed Step by Step  

Step 1: Look inside yourself and ask “what’s my Motivation?”

How to Write a Technical Blog-3

Why do you want to write?

A small yet toughest question and you have to ask that to yourself.

Asked? Got the answer? Great, let me guess some of your motivations and I will suggest the proceedings as per those motivations.

It’s your Hobby – If you are blogging because it’s your hobby and you intend to share as much useful information you have, you can write on some really diverse topics.

How to Write a Technical Blog-5

There is no restriction of which topic to choose, think of anything important and useful you know better than anyone else and just start writing. Produce contents with some new information that has not been covered by many yet.

You want to become the Neil Patel of your domain– If you are into blogging, you must be knowing who Neil Patel is. In brief, he is an expert in his domain and he also writes really impressive blogs.

How to Write a Technical Blog-4

So, if your motivation is to become a popular name and gain a serious reputation as an expert in your domain, you should choose the topics from a particular section. The section where your knowledge is so deep that you can produce contents that have not been covered by many yet.

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On the whole, choose that section where you don’t have to add yet another crap to the internet. Instead, write a content with some fresh, unique and full of new information that adds up to your readers knowledge base.

You want to become a Professional Writer– Earning money is definitely the ultimate motivation I can guess here. So, you are blogging to become a professional writer and earn some serious money with your contents, look for the companies that offer affiliate programs with writers.

How to Write a Technical Blog-7

Affiliate writing is undoubtedly a great way to monetize your contents where you can earn money from the click through on the affiliate links you put on your blog. The affiliate program works in several ways, you can just show their ads on your blog, or add their product links inside your content and so on.

Topics you choose to write here highly depends on what your affiliate companies offer and how can you put them in your content without being a shameless promoter.

Step 2: Deciding the Topics for Your Content

How to Write a Technical Blog-6

The best approach is to prepare a topic list in advance for at least 2 months ahead of time. By doing so you will have plenty of topics on your list and you don’t have to worry about what to write for a long time.

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If you are dedicated to writing technical blogs, you have to keep your eyes and ears open anytime and every time. There are always a lot of things happening in the tech world and each day comes up with something new to talk about.

1.  Prepare a list of topics which you think people might be interested in and there is not much on the internet for them. Add that information to the internet with your valuable contents. To know what people are interested in, you can run across various tech forums in your domain, there is always a plenty of topics that you can get from the forums. People come with questions on the forums, and there would no better place for answers to those questions than your blog content on the same topic.

2.  Follow News videos, blog, newspapers that talk about technology. As I said, every day comes with something new in the tech world. By following these news sources, you might get the best, and trending topics to write on.

3.  You can write your blogs in different formats to keep your readers interested and engaged. By different formats, I mean the contents like simple text and images based blogs, infographics, reviews and opinions on tech products, etc. In this way you will have plenty of topics plus your reader won’t get fatigued by reading contents in the same format each time.     

4.  Your readers are a great source of topic suggestions. Once your content is live and your readers start asking questions in form of comments. You will get plenty of topics to write about from those comments itself.

Step 3: The Big Thing- Research

You may be an expert in your domain and think you know everything, but technical blogging is not just about knowing things. It’s about proving yourself right, having an authority on whatever you say in your content.

How to Write a Technical Blog-2

Authority comes from confidence and confidence through research. You may know a lot about stuff, but it is always a wise thing to verify what you are writing. You can only prove your expertise by providing a researched, well covered, and linked content.

Provide a link to whatever source of information you use to do your research, provide links to different other pages that support your content and claims. Technical blogging is not about making baseless claims, it about providing a solid proof of your claims.

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Always remember, a good technical blogger is not one who knows everything. Instead, the best technical bloggers are always in the learning phase and they prove their authority by taking help of solid references and their actual experience.

So, always give sufficient time on researching before writing the final draft, and post it only when you have enough information and data to support your content.   

Step 4: Don’t be Shakespeare with Your Language

Deciding the right tone and language is really important when you are writing a technical blog. For any kind of blogging, it is always casual and opinion oriented. Complex language degrades the quality and causality of the blog.

How to Write a Technical Blog-1

Shakespeare was excellent, his writing style and language were above anything else. However, if you, as a technical blogger, would try to be Shakespeare with your blog, you will have to find the literature scholars to read your content.  

So, always remember to keep your language simple and use easily understandable tone to communicate better with your niche of readers.  

Some Additional Points to Know About Technical Blogging

1.  Always be updating– Tech blogs are really volatile when it comes to the freshness of the content. To keep the content relevant and fresh with time, you need to frequently update your blog to keep up with the trending news and other stuff.

2.  Keyword research is crucial- When it comes to tech blogging, keyword research is really crucial to gain the visibility on the search engines. There is skyrocketing competition in tech blogging. Your content might be the best one, but it won’t reach to your readers until it is ranked high on the search engines. You will often find contents not-so-impressive ranking higher than yours, it is just because those content were planned with a better keyword research.

3.  It’s the time that matters– Tech blogging is a broad niche filled with competition from everywhere. Don’t get upset if your contents are not getting viral, it’s about time and your SEO practices. You will ultimately find yourself in a better position by keeping up with the SEO webmaster’s guidelines and maintaining the value in your content.    

4.  Outbound links are important– Many webmasters claim that outbound links are not really important, all that matters is the inbound link. But, that is not true. Outbound links are really important when you are trying to build the authority of your site. For technical blogging, improvement in domain authority is the best thing that can happen to you. Just keep in mind that stuffing with outbound links in not what you need here, quality always wins over quantity. So, always use high-quality outbound links from the high ranking and high domain authority sites.


If you are a full-time blogger, starting a tech blog won’t be a problem for you as you have got the time. You can post frequently.

If your blogging for part-time, you will still have to find enough time to do the research, write-up, promotion, and SEO stuff. The frequency of posting will obviously be lesser.

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For any kind of blogger you are, the only thing that matters is quality and consistency of your contents. No worries if you can’t post frequently, but being consistent will help you a lot. That is, keep the gap between the posts constant. Even if it’s once in a week, just fix a day and post the content on that day only. In this way, your followers will never miss a fresh content from your side. Having an SEO expert by your side would be an add-on if you cannot handle the complex SEO tactics all by yourself.


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