Top 6 Benefits of Choosing Android Apps Development Platform


Digital computing has revolutionized the face of the entire economy. Almost every day new systems are emerging that pledge to prove beneficial for your business in multiple ways. In order to sustain in the fierce competition of today’s market, the Apps development of mobile applications has become an imperative.

Mobile apps have transformed the lifestyle of every individual around the globe. Mobilization has rightly become the way of the world. Enterprises have started to consider the iPhone and the Android apps as a lucrative revenue generating tools and a medium to offer effective and better customer service. Corporates tend to leverage this opportunity for expanding their target audience base with the highly engaging and traffic-driving mobile apps that are compatible with a plethora of mobile operating systems.

A number of businesses today find it difficult to choose the apt platform for developing their business app. But as compared to the other varied platforms existing today, the Android platform has occupied about 55-60% of the current market share.

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Android has been able to develop its own niche in the market with its power packed technical features that are purely business oriented. The simplicity and efficacy of the Android platform enable the developers to build the apps with great use. Millions of apps get featured on Google Play Store every day that augments the level of flexibility to people around the globe.

Here are some of the major perks that the Android platform offers for apps development.

 1.  Open Source

One of the most robust and convenient characteristics of an android platform is its open source nature. This means that the developer can fully amend the source code of the Software Development Kit (SDK) according to his requirements. With the open source nature, various types of supports are also available. Another perk of the open source technology is speedy development. So it can be said that it simplifies the overall process of apps development.

2.  Splendid Support for Graphics

For graphic designing needs, Android offers a wide range of choice for graphic design requirements. In fact, the graphic designing features that the Android offers are much more superior to any other mobile apps development platform.

That is why Android happens to be the most preferred game apps development platform mainly because of the attractive and intuitive graphic design. The Android platform provides high built-in support for building the best 2D and 3D graphics that is capable of bringing in more traffic on your website.

3.  Low Investment and High ROI

Android is an easy channel for penetrating your business in the market. It is absolutely based on the open source technology. This includes the feature-rich SDK and free availability. These two are the key factors that are highly responsible for a reduction in the overall licensing and development cost.The entire cost for app development can be segregated into three main categories that include the cost of development of the application, the testing cost and the deployment cost.

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For the entire product distribution, developers are supposed to pay a single time registration fee. There are various frameworks that are available in the market for Android apps. All you have to do is install the framework in your system and start writing the codes for the app. It is also possible to debug and test the developing app on the mobile devices.

4.  Wearable Devices

The market of wearable devices is growing at an alarming rate in today’s times. For the sake of users, Android is contributing for building the best Android-based wearable devices. In the coming years, the market of wearable is going to be almost 45-50 %, as a result of which more people will be engaged and entertained.

5.  Affordable to Utilise

For those enterprises that are looking to invest less but want the best quality outcome, Android platform is the top platform to utilize in lesser prices. You will also get a plethora of app development tools that are used by the developers to create high-end apps at affordable prices. That is why by choosing Android platform you will always face remarkable results and a range of people will love using your Android application with every passing day.

6.  Easy Integration

With Android apps, you can go for a high degree of customization just like the requirements of your organization.  You can puff up the domain of the target audience that will take your domain to the next level by developing apps that are dedicated to taking the business to the next level. Android happens to be the best mobile platform for inter-process and inter-application architecture.

The above are some of the major perks that the Android platform can offer for developing apps. Just like the product designer tool these apps will help you to drive more traffic to your website and enhance the rate of conversions.

It does not matter whether it is a start-up or a giant corporation, the Android platform has proved to be overly beneficial for both. So choose this platform today and let your business reach the soaring heights of success that you have always dreamt of.

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