Before writing a blog post, a blogger must follow some very basic blogging tips. Without this tips and tricks, it’s really impossible to get the desired outcome from your blogging. So here I am sharing some blogging tips, which are required before you go for writing your first blog post.

1. Select a Topic You are Passionate About

This is a very fundamental need of any blogger to start writing about anything. If you start a blogging on any specific topic, that you don’t have any passion about, then you will not be able to write regularly. You will lose the interest in writing.

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Many bloggers might have started a blog for making money only, but not caring about his passion, which leads a big mistake, and in consequence, they left blogging.

So here the question comes, how to find the topic you passionate about? You try to find, what do you read regularly in a time frame of a month or weeks? what type of ideas do you get, while talking inside any gathering or while surfing the internet? what types of topic do you really want to read more? So all those answers will give you the indication of your passionate topic.

2. What will be Your Business Model?

Before going to set up your first blog, you must make an outline plan for your blog business model, which your blog is going to adopt in a long run. You must seek answers to some specific questions. How much time do you want to take to launch the business model? Do you have enough traffic for you niche content? How are you going to stand out from other bloggers? All the answers to these question will show you a good and sound outline plan for your blog business.

3. Do Keyword Research

Doing keyword research is very important for your blogs to get good search engine result. In this regard, Google Keyword Planner can help you a lot. There are many keyword tools and tutorials online, which can help you to do keyword research. Try to get the idea about the future, which keyword may get high volume search in near future, try to get that keyword into your content.

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4. Use a Free Blog Site for Initial Start

If you set your mind for blogging, then at first, you go for a free blogging platform. Though the opportunity of customization and possibility of own branding is very less on this free blogging platform. There are many good options out there including WordPress, Tumblr, TypePad, and Blogger, which have free themes and modules for making a blog very fast.

5. Know the Basic Analytics

Before starting a blog, you must understand the basic of any site analytics. Google analytics can give much information about your blog visitors.  If you use WordPress for your blog, then try to use Jetpack plugin to get a huge list of statistics for your blog.

6. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

Blogging is very competitive but doesn’t need to be min minded. There are plenty of rooms for all the bloggers to stay in collaboration with each other. You can help other bloggers, and vice versa, others good blogger can help you to grow your blog.

7. Be Stand out

Don’t copy others style, rather make a personal style of writing and formatting. You can follow the pro blogger, and try to learn the writing style which helps you to make your own way of writing quality contents. It will help you to stand out from others.

8. Write Like You are Talking to Readers

It’s really difficult to write something good, but easy to talk with someone. So try to make your writing style in such a way, that seems you are talking to the readers. Thus let you write compelling and engaging content, which helps to get a good impression and attention from the readers.

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9. Write for Yourself

This is one of the paramount need to be an expert writer. Don’t write for search engines or only for money making. So try to write very simple and thoughtful, which you really want to read frequently. Give your own opinion, and don’t get afraid, that what others will think.

10. Don’t Copy Any Content from Others

If you want to have a successful blog, then make unique content. Don’t copy other contents, it will not give you any dividend. There are million of ideas online to write about. If not, then get the ideas from other good content from online, and rewrite it with own opinion and thoughts. This will help to grow your blog into something good.

Final Thought

So now you came to know the fundamental tips and tricks of a writing quality blog post. If you want to see your blog become successful, then you must follow and implement the above blogging tips and tricks.

Do you like these blogging tips? Which blogging tips did you use in your writing? Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions with us in the comment section.


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