14 Common Google Play Store Error and How to fix Them


The google play store is the most popular and secure mobile app store. The google Play store is comprising millions of apps, and every day it’s increasing. You might have an android smartphone which includes a lot of apps and games. While installing, you might have faced some annoying Google play store errors, without having any probable solution. Don’t get worried, you have come to the right place. I am here to share with you a list of common google play store error codes, and procedure of how to fix them.

#1- Error codes 927 / 921 / 504 / 495 / 413 / 406 / 110 / rh01 / rpc:aec:0

This problem occurs while downloading or updating any apps from the google play store. Normally error code 495, 110 or any other above mentioned codes can be found during this session. These all error codes mentioned in the sub-heading are related with downloading and updating the apps. You can solve these error code by following 3 sequential processes and believe me, it’s really easy.

1. In this step, you have to delete google play store data and cache. To do so, follow the following method.

Settings >> Apps >> All >> Google Play Store >> Clear data & Clear cache

Now you can have a check whether the problem has solved or not. If not then follow the 2nd step.

2. Settings >> Apps >> All >> Google Play Services >> Clear data & Clear cache

This step will make sure of a new google ID into the android system just like the initial setup one. But if you are still facing the same problem then you have to follow the last method.

3. In this step, you have to delete the google account and reboot the system. After rebooting, re-add the google account by going…

Setting >> Accounts >> add Account >> Google Account.

Now I hope that the problem will be solved and you can download apps from the google play store again.

#2 – DF-BPA-09 Error Processing Purchase

This is a very common problem while you go for purchasing any paid apps from the google play store. To solve this problem, you have to delete data from the google services framework. To do so follow the below method.

Setting >> Apps >> All >> Google Services Framework/Google Play Services >> Clear data & Clear cache

Sometimes this solution may not work, because of having a problem on google’s end. But you can go to your laptop, and push forward the apps from the google play store. This will let the play store install the app into the mobile android system.

#3 – Error Code 941/ 498

This problem happens while apps or games downloading and updating gets interrupted by any means. To solve this problem, you need to delete data and cache from the google play store.

Setting >> Apps >> All >> Google Play Store >> Clear data and cache

#4 – Error 919

This problem is very common that indicates the phone is out of memory or less memory to install or update the apps. Sometimes you may be able to download the apps, but due to this error, the app can’t be open. So deleting some unused apps, games, music files, videos, or removing junk files from the system can solve this problem.

#5 – Error 491 / 923 / 101

The error 491 indicates that no apps or games can be downloaded or updated. This is really serious and common problem but the solution is very easy and straightforward. You might have to remove the google ID and then again re-add the same ID or new google id to solve this problem.

Settings >> Accounts >> Google menu >> click on the account >> Remove account

Reboot the system and follow…

Settings > Accounts > Add Google ID

And again do follow…

Setting >> Apps >> All >> Google Services Framework/Google Play Services >> Clear data & Clear cache

#6 – Error Code 961

This problem may occur during apps or games installing due to faulty proxy setting on your mobile data connection or WiFi settings. To solve the problem, you will have to clear or re-enter the proxy setting on internet connection. Then follow below procedure…

Settings >> Apps >> All >> Google Play Store >> Clear data & Clear cache

Settings >> Apps >> All >> Google Play Services >> Clear data & Clear cache

If the problem remains then try to delete the google id and use a new id and test downloading the apps. If it works then re-add the previous old google id and restart the system.

#7 – Error -24

Sometimes apps will not be installed and shows this error. To solve this one, you have to install that particular app by its apk file.

#8 – Error 403

The error 403 code implies the problem, about not possible of apps updating and downloading due to having more google account on a single device. This is especially applicable for buying any paid apps or games by multiple accounts on a smartphone or tablet.

This problem can be solved by going into google play store using the account, which you did use to buy the certain apps or games. First, remove or uninstall it then again purchase the app or reinstall. This will solve the problem if not then try to remove the search history from the google play store.

Play Store Settings >> Clear search history

#9 – Error 927

This particular problem is also related with the downloading and updating apps or games. But it occurs while the google play store or Services Frameworks get an update on its own. So to get the problem solved, it’s better to wait until the play store completes full update. Then get the apps installed again from play store. But if you can’t to install then follow the below procedure and starts downloading.

Settings >> Apps >> All >> Google Play Store >> Clear data & Clear cache

Settings >> Apps >> All >> Google Play Services >> Clear data & Clear cache

#10 – Error 944

This error is very simple one, it appears while google play store server goes offline or has some connectivity issue. To solve this problem, basically, you can’t do anything rather waiting for service server uptime. So don’t mess with your system setting or apps, rather wait for sometimes, have a cup of coffee and try again.

#11 – Error 481

This particular error is very rare but still if you see this problem then your google account comes to an end and need to be deleted. This error indicated a major problem with your account. To solve this problem you will have to open a new google account and make a connection with the devices.

#12 – Error 505

This problem happens when two applications are having the same duplicate permission. So the best solution is to uninstall any one app which is having the same permission. This problem sometimes comes up while getting app restore from Lucky Patcher backup.

#13 – Error 911

If your wi-fi connection is having a problem then you might have faced this error while downloading or updating. Sometimes this problem can be solved by just clearing data from google play store and google services framework. If you are using a data connection from any wi-fi hotspot, which required having a login authentication, then try to reconnect or re-authenticate your data connection. This may solve the problem, but if it does not, then you might have to change the wi-fi connection to different one.

#14 – Package File Invalid Problem

This problem is a play store error. To solve the issue, follow the steps…

Settings > Apps > All >> Specific App which makes Issue >>Clear cache and Clear data

Then again try downloading from the play store. If the problem persists then go to a web version of play store and push forward download command into mobile devices. Moreover, this can be solved by disabling wi-fi connection and install the apps by using the mobile data connection.

After following all those steps, if the problem remains then follow….

Settings >> Apps >> All >> Google Play Store >> Clear data & Clear cache

Settings >> Apps >> All >> Google Play Services >> Clear data & Clear cache

Remove Google Account >> Reboot Device >> Re-Add Account >> Try Installing Again

Here I have to come to the end of my list of google play store error codes. I have tried to give the best solution according to the problem height and as per my experiences. Hopefully, this list of the error codes and solution will help you to have the problem solved for your devices also.

Did you face any different Google Play Store error on your system? Did you solve some of them on your own? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment bellow, and let the list grow with your suggestions and experiences.


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