How To Choose A Best Power Bank – 8 Killer Tips & Tricks


The power bank is one of the major inventions in the present time. It is an impressive move in the era of the smartphone. Most people have appreciated portable batteries which save them the trouble of moving around with uncharged phones. Who doesn’t like using a smartphone? Irrespective of the quality of the phone, low battery is a nuisance to the user.

It is comparable to a professional without the right tools of a trade. Technically, the surety of longevity of the charge in a smartphone helps an individual to reduce anxiety. Thankful to the introduction of portable batteries. Well, before you purchase a Best Power Bank, it is crucial to know the type that you are keen to buy.

Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Best Power Bank

Due to increased demand in today’s world, fake and inefficient models have found their way into the market. If you are planning to buy one for your mobile phone you can opt for Currys Deals and get some huge discounts. We present you 8 quick and killer Tricks and Tips on choosing the correct and Best Power Bank.

1.  Physical size

Power banks vary in size and shapes. The major idea behind this factor is portability. You need to understand the reason you want to purchase one. Very large sizes discourage one to carry them. Settling for small sizes, which can be carried around is a good choice. Typically, hand-held size is mostly sought by the buyers.

2.  Battery Capacity

Capacity is a factor which should be the first priority before anything else. The capability of the power bank to store enough charge is dependent on the mAh. If you plan to buy one, it is paramount to consider high mAh rating. This guarantee the longevity of usage as well as reliability.

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It is believed the best way to confirm the performance of the power bank is considering the mAh it contains. However, periphery factors should be considered since wrong information could be inscribed on the body of this bank.

3.  USB Port

Charging multiple devices at the same time is a good stuff. One could be having one or more devices to charge simultaneously. For spouses who want to save on cost, the number of ports in a power bank is a strong factor. Two or three ports are sufficient for a single bank. It beats logic when the power bank has only one port.This is the generation where even the phone manufacturers are appreciating duo sim card gadgets.

Everything is coming in pairs. Another advantage of more than one port is safety. If one fails, one can still continue charging his or her gadgets. It eliminates the fear of failure. This is the generation where even the phone manufacturers are appreciating duo sim card gadgets. Everything is coming in pairs. Another advantage of more than one port is safety. If one fails, one can still continue charging his or her gadgets. It eliminates the fear of failure.

4.  Charging Output

The current a power bank output is crucial. In most cases, the input is not equal to the output. The running current is the one which determines how fast your gadget charges. This is mostly ignored by buyers.  A lot of focus is directed to capacity rather than giving the same attention to output. At least2.1A is recommended.  Settling for higher amperage is allowed.  You have heard complaints from the people concerning slow charging when using power bank. The problem is primarily in the output rate.

5.  Casing and Material

Everyone is looking for durable and compact power bank. The longevity is contributed by the materials used to make it. Lightweight gadgets are more durable due to their portability nature. As far as durability is concerned, the hardness of the material comes into play. Sturdy casing prevents damages in case of accidental fall.

Most of the problems that affect power banks emanate from the daily activities that we engage in. Regular falls cause short charging destroying the internal components. If the outer material is resistive, the internal elements are protected.

6.  Quick Charge

Quick charging batteries are becoming extremely popular. This has been attributed to the need to hearken the speed of charging. The high charging power banks range between 2-3 Amperes. The demand is based on the nature of the gadget one is using. More sophisticated smartphone with high demand for power is invented at a rapid rate.

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The bank with an output of 3A unbelievably charges very fast. It is a perfect choice one can settle for. However, if your phone does not demand such a high output, then 2A is good for you. The higher the output, the higher the cost.

7.  Built-in Cable

As we learn further about power banks, it is important to consider the usability which is friendly. The traditional power banks did not have extra cables. It requires the individual to buy an extra cable. If you forget your cable then forget about charging. There are models which come within built cables. This act as a supplement in case of external connection cable not available.

8.  Solar Power Banks

If electricity is not reliable in your area, settling for solar power bank could be an alternative. It is trustworthy because it works when the sun shines. It converts this energy into electrical power which is able to drive your device.

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These are aspects which can be employed before buying the Best power bank. Take care not to be ripped off by insensitive sellers. Take every detail into consideration in order to save on cost. Your money should go where efficiency is guaranteed.

Tell us your suggestions and tips to buy the best power bank in the comment section. Thank you for your time and patience reading.

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