WordPress is the most popular and versatile blogging platform out there. WordPress is also used as Content Management system for business organization, charity foundation, basically, it covers all the sector of online publication or content sharing. Though WordPress has lots of core functionality but designers or bloggers need to extend its core functionality as per the requirements. The WordPress plugins directory provides thousands of best plugins which can be used to extend the core functionality and get the best out of this CMS platform.

So the question may come, why do you need to read this article, while all the best WordPress plugins can be found on plugins repository? Yes, you need to go through this tutorial article to choose the best and effective one, because you can’t install all the plugins into your WordPress system. If you do so then instead of extending, it will be good for nothing. Moreover, it’s time-consuming to sort out the best WordPress plugins, if you go all alone to install each one.

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List of Best WordPress Plugins

This list is not a random one rather each and every segment of a blog design has given equal importance. This top list of best WordPress Plugins will help both newbie and professional blogger to choose the right plugin for fulfilling the blog requirement, starting from site design to content marketing.

1. Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins for Comments and Content Protection

Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress-WiredMahir.com

Spam comments and emails are still one of the biggest problems online. It makes the site slow and takes a lot of server resources. Moreover, it’s tiring and time consuming to moderate each and every comment for a spam check.

The blog “contacts us” page can be used by bots and humans to make spam mail directly into your server mailing account. It’s really annoying to delete all those and of course resource consuming as well.

To stop all those spam comments and emails, lots of plugins are there in the WordPress plugins repository, which differs each other basing on quality. So to get the best anti-spam WordPress plugins, you can see Top 5 Free Anti-Spam Plugins For WordPress.

2. Database and File Backup Plugins

Top Best free WordPress Backup and Restore Plugins

This is very important to have regular onsite and offsite schedule backup of your blog site. WordPress offers an easy and straightforward method for taking regular site backup through CPanel. Onsite backup easily can be done by hosting CPanel’s inbuilt software.

But WordPress does not provide any core functionality of schedule backup into the cloud or local. To get this feature, you have to install third party backup plugins. A lot more good plugins are out there, which can perform this job very effectively and with minimum configuration. You can read “Top 10 Free WordPress Backup Pluginswhich will let you choose the best one for your WordPress site’s files and database.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Top 10 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins To Get Higher Rank

WordPress is very much optimized for Search engine but it offers only very basic SEO core functionality. Lots of organic traffic come from the various search engine, and that determines the ranking of any site.

The SEO Optimization of any WordPress site is the paramount and fundamental requirement for any newbie or professional bloggers. SEO plugins play a vital role to extend the capability of any WordPress site. I have listed “Top 10 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins To Get Higher Rankfor the bloggers to choose the best and try to utilize fully.

4. Manage Redirect and 404 Errors Contents

Best 5 Free 404 Error Page and Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Error Page hampers the site for better search engine result, and overall ranking. This Error page may come up if the WordPress site has moved from another domain, deleted any posts or pages permanently, changed the post permanent link.

But all those errors can be resolved by using various 404 errors page redirect plugins. You can choose the best errors page redirect plugins from “Best 5 Free 404 Error Page and Redirection Plugin for WordPress

5. Best WordPress Security Plugins

Top 7 Free WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Blog

WordPress is widely used blogging platform, as well known business CMS, which makes it more vulnerable to hacking. WordPress comes with solid security base but the types of vulnerability are much more, which may cause potential damage to the site.

Most of the bloggers don’t think about WordPress security, backup and restoration rather it comes as an afterthought. But it’s always better to have regular security check up and consistent backup. This will save a lot more time if the site gets hacked.

There are lots of security plugins with various quality. To choose the right one seems difficult for many new bloggers. So I have listed some best WordPress security plugins, Top 7 Free WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Blog, which helps you to save your site and lots of time.

6. WordPress Analytics and Statistics Plugins

top-7-free-wordpress-analytics plugins

The main focus of any content is to get more valuable and targeted traffic and reader’s engagement. To achieve this aim, a blogger has to understand the basic user statistics and analytics of the site.

A site administrator can get a lot more information, on which content is liked more by the users, know what’s the users wants, what time is suitable for content submission, the rate of conversion, which county is providing more traffic, the best keyword from the organic search result, and much more. All these information will help you to make an overall outline plan for future progress.

There are lots of plugins in the directory which helps you get users analytics and statistic, just inside the WordPress blog. You need not go outside of your blog dashboard to know all these. So check my list of “Top 7 WordPress Analytics Plugins for Free. Get it Now!“.

7. Grow Your Email List by Best Newsletter Plugins

WordPress Newsletter Plugins-WiredMahir.com

The aim of the content is to get more traffics and establish a readership. A loyal reader is always good for any blog site. Loyal reader means the visitors come consistently onto the site to get the newly published content.

Here, the subscription email list can play a vital role to make a huge list of royal audiences. Whenever a blog post is submitted, all the subscribers from the list will be getting the new post directly into the mailbox.

This will definitely increase traffic, better SEO, and overall helps to build a solid reliable authorship. So it’s time to make your own email list. To help you create, I have given a list of “9 Best WordPress Newsletter Plugins to Get More Email Subscribers

8. Cache Plugins, HTML and CSS-Javascript Optimizer to Speed Up a Site


The website loading speed is one of the determining factors for SEO optimization and Search engine ranking. WordPress is pretty good optimized CMS but after adding plugins and fancy customization, it becomes heavy to load on the user interface. Thus demands the use of cache plugins which helps the WordPress site load much faster.

The cache plugins make a snapshot copy of our site on the server by comprising all the CSS, JavaScript and HTML files, which in terms provided by the server to the users’ browsers when requested. This provides the same snapshot to the various same request thus minimize the server load.

WordPress cache plugins make the site load faster and provide a good and comfortable browser experience at the user end. So see the list of Top 5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins to Speed Up Your Site.

9. Increase Customer Engagement Via Contact Forms

Free Contact form Plugins-WiredMahir.com

The contact forms are used to give the professional look to the WordPress site. It’s not only for the design matter, rather helps a lot to get user engagement through various feedbacks, survey and overall contacts with the site administrator.

Though many themes provide inbuilt contact form but that does not provide much customization facility. So to do maximum customization as per your requirement, the WordPress custom contact form can be used.

There are lots of custom contact form out there but I have made a recommended list, Top 7 Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress, which will help you to decide to choose.

10. Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing Plugins

Adsense and Affiliate Marketing Plugins

Google Adsense is one of the best-earning ways out there. If you have a blog site with lots of traffic, then the chance is there to earn a very handsome amount money from it. There is a simple “But” to get success in this sector. The site must have quality content and mostly get traffics from the organic search result. Moreover, the blog site must comply with the google Adsense guidelines.

On the another hand, the affiliate marketing is another earning way which helps publishers to get a certain amount of revenue share from the merchant after successful product sales to the ultimate consumers. This is a very simple process and straightforward. To start with affiliate marketing, the blog site does not require much organic traffic. But remember to earn more, your site must have lots of traffic.

So for implementing both the earning way, the publishers or bloggers will get a set of code or affiliate link to use inside content or blog site. Using this codes or links might seem difficult to users. That why I have made a list of, Top 10 WordPress Adsense and Affiliate Marketing Plugins That Will Boost Your Income, to help both the newbie and professional bloggers.

11. Feature-Packed WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins


Blogger can make photo gallery inside content or standalone with the help of basic photo gallery functionality provided by WordPress. But to make it more professional and eye catchy, the blogger needs to install a good photo gallery plugin.

Today we are living a world of social media. The content which having nice looking images get more traffics and reader’s attention from various social media sites like Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. A blogger must remember to use the images with sound brand messages and some form of quality visual design which will pass a strong message to the readers.

There are lots of photo gallery plugin in the WordPress plugins directory. So to help the blogger to choose the right plugins, I have made a list of Top 8 Killer WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins for free. Get it Now.

12. Social Networking and Social Sharing Plugins

8 Best Free WordPress Social Sharing Plugin
8 Best Free WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

Social networking about the blog content is to make a social page, communities, groups on various popular social media and posting consistently into those. Today social media becomes the second highest traffic provider for any blogs or website. So as a blogger, you must not lose this opportunity to get more traffics and users engagements.

Regular content posting into social media and personal involvement makes the social authorship of that content subject which will have a positive impact on the blog site ranking into a search engine.

Social content sharing can be done by both users and publisher. A publisher will post the blog content into social media by manual or automatic social networking and the users will share the content by using the social share plugin. This plugin lets the user to share content on the social media by its native button, placed at the bottom, top or sidebar of the contents.

There are many plugins out there to make easy the content submission on social networking by automatic and social sharing by the users. To get the best plugin for doing both tasks, you can Explore Explore Top 8 Best Free WordPress Social Sharing Plugin.

13. E-commerce, Paypal Donation, and Payment Plugins

Free WordPress Payment and Donation Plugins

WordPress initially started as a blogging platform, but now it has become the best Content Management System for Business, E-commerce, and many Profession websites.

So the question may come into mind about how to collect the payment for product sale, collect PayPal donation and membership fees? So don’t get worried if you are running an e-commerce site or paid membership site. You have a lot of options to collect the payment for any sort of online transaction through your WordPress site. So let me help you to choose the best plugin by this recommended article, Top 5 Free WordPress Payment and Donation Plugins That Will Help to Earn More.

14. Best Multi-Author and Editorial Workflow plugins

Multi author Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is versatile and multi-featured content management system. Nowadays many business organization and large content marketing publishers use this CMS. Whether your blog site is small or big, does not matter, but it’s important to have an efficient outline plan of content publishing to get success.

Editorial workflow can help a blogger to make a sound planning about content publishing time, the idea of content writing, and who will make which content in case of multi-author blogging.

This process will ensure to have consistent quality content onto the site and thus will let you be a successful blogger. So please follow recommended article, 3 Best Editorial Workflow and Multi-Author Plugins for WordPress, to manage an easily multi-author blog and make an effective editorial workflow for your contents ideas and publishing schedule.

Final Thoughts

So here I have come to the last of my list. I hope that the blogger will be benefited with this tutorials. This tutorial solves many questions of how to do , why need to do and a list of recommended best plugins in each and every sector of a blog design, content writing and promoting to audiences for a profitable blog and becoming a successful blogger.

What do you think about the list of best WordPress Plugins? Is it complete? Did we miss some important Plugins? Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions, while using these must have plugins on your blog, in the comment section.

One Last Thing…

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Thanks again for spending part of your day here. Hope to see you come back. 🙂


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