When you regularly use devices like laptop, tablet or smartphone then you realize the importance of power banks because this is the only thing that can be your assistive power backup in the time of need. If your devices are suddenly running out of battery then power bank can save your time and charge them.

Charging your device normally will definitely require a charging point or someplace where you can get electricity for your device charging. However, if you are traveling or if you are in a location where you cannot get charging point or any other source of electricity then you will have to wait to find a charming spot.

This is quite inconvenient when your battery runs out and when your devices start to shut down one by one. This is the worst situation anyone can imagine because devices like smartphone allow us to stay connected with the people and give us freedom of research as well.

When our devices are turned off, then you will have no other option but to give up your device requirement for a while until you find a charging source or you might need to hassle in your search of device charging electricity option. No matter which option you choose, both are inconvenient.

Therefore, the easiest way to deal with the situation like this is to purchase power bank because it will be a backup charging source for such emergency. When your devices are running out of battery, you will no longer need to look for other charging sources because it will be the most suitable and convenient option.

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There are so many power banks available in the market and if you want to buy power bank, then this will not be very difficult for you. If you have any specific budget limit then you can search your power bank accordingly and there is a high probability that you will find the right choice for your need.

Choosing the right battery bank is not really a hard task to do, but it is really very important that you know all the necessary facts about power banks so that you can make the most appropriate and suitable purchase decision. This is the easy and convenient thing to do once you understand all the necessary facts.

In order to understand the facts of choosing and purchasing power banks, you would need to spend some time in research so that you can get exactly what you are looking for. However, if you want to skip the research time then you can see the list of 10 facts about power banks that we are sharing here.

This list of ten facts is meant to guide you so that you can understand the basic facts of power banks before purchasing which will definitely help you to get exactly what you need. After reading it, you would be able to make the right choice and avail the advantage of purchasing the best power bank for your need.

10 Facts About Power Banks

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Power Bank Capacity

The capacity of power banks is the most important thing that you should check when you are purchasing your battery bank. There are so many different types of power banks available in the market and making the selection will require a capacity check.

Power banks can be found in a variety of different choices and these choices differ in size and mAh capacity as well. This is the basic measure that will allow you to know the capacity of your power bank battery.

When you need to buy power bank that will allow perfect charging of your device then make sure that the capacity of your device’s battery is considered while you make your power bank purchase decision so that you can ensure that your power backup would be useful for perfect and complete device charge.

Simply put, when you will see that the mAh figure is high in specific battery then you can consider that it is a high capacity battery which will give you the advantage of saving a larger amount of power for your devices. Your devices can be easily charged when power bank mAh figure is larger than your device.

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Power Bank Quality

The quality of the power bank is determined on the basis of power bank’s capacity, durability, and features. There are many features that make power banks superior or inferior choices for customers and that are the basic aspects of determining the quality of power pack.

If you want to make sure that you purchase the best quality power bank then you need to pay attention to the necessary details of your purchase selection. First is the size of the power bank. You need to make sure that you don’t purchase power bank that is large in size.

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When your power pack is small in size then you would be able to carry it with you conveniently and it will take less space as well. Then you will need to check the body’s strength because this is something that will give you the assurance of durability.

Finally, you should check the features of your power bank so that you can make sure that you get what you are expecting from your power bank. If you will make your decision in haste, then you might regret it later. So, take your time and choose the right product.

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Power Bank Charging Option

There could be a huge variety in the market of power banks. However, not all of them will offer you multiple charging or all in one charging option. If you want to make sure that your power bank supports the charging of all your devices, then you will need to check it.

There are some power banks that will offer to charge for only a few specific devices which will become a limitation of charging backup option. It is always best to choose power banks that can offer you multi-charging support.

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Power Bank Device Charging

There are some people who presume that having power bank is enough for charging of all devices but this is a wrong conception. For example, if you have a laptop and you have purchased battery bank of medium capacity then it would not be possible for you to charge the laptop with it.

When you want to charge your laptop with power banks, then you will need to make sure that your power bank is capable of charging larger energy consuming devices like a laptop. This is the important thing to check for people who have a laptop for their regular use.

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Most importantly, general power banks usually come with 5V USB output option that only supports small energy requiring devices. However, in order to charge a laptop and other high power demanding devices, you will need to get power bank that will support high voltage output of up to 16 Volts – 20 Volts.

You can check your device’s AC adapter to find out the exact requirement of charging voltage requirement of your device so that you can purchase the best power bank that will support charging larger devices such as a laptop.

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Power Bank Lifetime

A lifetime of batteries usually depends on their frequency of use. Lithium-polymer and Lithium-ion batteries are used in power banks. These batteries are able to provide the best backup and charging for devices.

According to the basic life cycle of power bank, it can give you 200 to 1000 charging cycles for your devices without any problem and it will be perfectly fine in this duration of the life cycle. However, this cycle can be reduced or enhanced on the basis of handling and usage frequency.

There is a chemical composition in battery that can also become the reason of some differences in power bank battery’s life cycle. Basically, when you will use it less frequently then you can rest assured of its long life.

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Power Bank Charging Time

There are some people who ask the question about charging speed of power banks. Some battery bank requires too much time in charging and that becomes a problem for people who need their power bank completely charged on urgent basis.

Well, the most important thing to understand here is that not all the power banks will take too long to charge because charging time will depend on the type of their charging process. If the power bank is being charged with USB cable, then this will definitely take a long time.

However, if you will purchase power bank that will offer you high voltage input (at least 5 volts) with direct wall socket charging option through AC charger then this will automatically become quick in charging and it will take less time in comparison to USB cable charging power banks.

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Power Bank Power Saving

Power banks are best for emergency charging purpose. When your device is half charged or 80%-90% charged then it is not ideal to use power bank for charging because it will be unnecessary wastage of power in power pack.

The best way for fast charging from power bank is to keep your smartphone in flight mode while charging. This will save a lot of energy and your device will be charged quickly. This is the best charging process to save energy and save time.

When your device is in flight mode, then only necessary features of the operating system will be working. This will make it easier for a charger to supply power directly to the battery without any other charging power consumption.

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Power Bank Right Use

Using power bank should be a priority of emergency and not the habit. The power bank is not the most suitable option of charging when you have other direct charging option for your device. Having battery bank means that you have backup charging option, you should use it as a backup.

You need to make sure that your power bank is kept in a place which is not too hot because when the temperature is over the medium level then this will be harmful to your battery’s life cycle and that could even result in problems in your power banks.

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Power Bank For Big Devices

Power bank can be useful for devices like television, fans, picnic coolers and other batteries if you will select the power bank properly. You need to see the capability and mAh figure along with charging connection support of the power bank to avail the advantage of it.

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Power Bank Battery

If you have multiple big and small devices then you need to make sure that you buy a power bank that will allow you to support charging all of them. You will need to select the power pack with big energy capacity to get the necessary charging of all devices.


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