About Me

About Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan is a proud member of Bangladesh Army. He has completed his schooling from Khulna Public College, and later got admitted at Dhaka University. But after few days, he has joined Bangladesh Army as a Commissioned Officer. He has completed many courses in Bangladesh Army, namely Infantry officers basic course, officer’s weapon course, basic commando course, junior staff and command course, and Navy scuba diving course.

A Beautiful Happy FamilyApart from the military career, he is hugely passionate to read a lot of blogging, web design, SEO, and How-To Tutorial tips on the technology Subject. He has started writing on his own Blog WiredMahir.com since 2016.

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About WiredMahir.com

Before describing the aim of Wired Mahir, I would like to explain, why I have selected the site name WiredMahir.com, a simple Technology blog.

The domain name “WiredMahir” does not define any particular meaning. I have taken this name because all the searches from a search engine or hashtags from social media about this unique names will give the information of my blog site. Moreover, it’s really difficult to get desired social media username¬†according to the domain name. So the unique domain name helps to get the social media username¬†easily.

Wired Mahir, A simple Technology blog, is launched at 2016 to sharing How To guides and Tutorials on various Trending Technology topic. This site has given focus on simple writing on the complex topic for the newbie.